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Mary Oliver

In loving memory of Mary Oliver

"Granny" was born on June 16th 1916 in Cumbria, England.

Her father was a farmer and she had 2 sisters.

She walked 2 miles to school each day and at 17 years old achieved a place at Leeds Teacher Training College and became a primary school teacher.

In her early twenties, she met Leslie Oliver in an amateur dramatic play.

Mary married Leslie when she was 25 years old. They lived in Cornwall during World War 2 when Grandad was assigned to the Royal Air Force.

Once the war was over they settled in Leeds where Granny looked after her father-in-law until he passed.

Granny helped her niece, Margaret, become a nurse and in later life Margaret looked after Granny when she became ill with Alzheimer's.

Granny was a devoted housewife, parent and teacher. She was highly regarded by many parents for her exceptional teaching ability.

She was a regular Church attendee and cared for many of her close friends and relatives who needed support.

She delighted in being a grandmother to her many grandchildren and used to hold a supply of games to keep them happy.

She was a wonderful baker and would involve her grandchildren in the creation of various cakes and biscuits.

Granny died from complications related to Alzheimer’s disease, on Jan 6th 1999.

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